Kelly Osbourne: "I Love to Hang Out at the Gym"


If you see Kelly Osbourne all smiles lately, it's because she's been hitting the gym like never before, saying it lifts her spirits. She said:

"I've started hitting the gym over the past few weeks, like never before! It's because I just love my new gym, and exercising gets my endorphins going and really lifts my mood.

"I've been trying out some new things too. I hate running, but my fitness trainer showed me a different way to do it. You run for a minute on and off and before you know it you've done half an hour on the treadmill without even realising."

She even explained to Closer magazine:

"The new gym is actually a great place to hang out - it's close to where I live and I see all my friends there.

"Funnily enough, it's kind of the same mentality as going to the pub to hang out - it's just the other end of the spectrum."

But her overeager attitude about the gym may slow down quite a bit after finding out she has a broken foot.  She tweeted:

"note 2 self when something hurts get it looked at! dont walk around with a broken foot 4 2 weeks before finally giving in a going 2 the Dr! (sic)"


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