Thieves Steal Laptops from Keira Knightley's London Home

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Actress Keira Knightley’s London home was burgled last week while she was in Rome promoting her upcoming film Last Night.

The thieves reportedly entered Knightley’s Hyde Park home through a faulty communal door and managed to get away with two laptop computers.

According to detectives, two other homes in Knightley’s neighbourhood were also robbed through the faulty communal door last week.

Police are concerned the thieves may try to sell personal contents from the computers.

A source told The Sun: Keira is mortified to think anyone has been rummaging around her personal stuff. She feels violated and doesn’t know if she wants to return to the flat.”

A Scotland Yard spokesperson says: Officers from Westminster CID are investigating a residential burglary at the flat.

“It is believed to have occurred between 9am and 9pm on October 26.

“A forensic team from Westminster CID was dispatched to dust for any fingerprints or shoe marks left behind.”

The 25-year-old star has recently been promoting her new film Last Night, which premiered in Rome, and is currently on vacation.


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