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Ke$ha Writes Song About her Vagina with her Mom

If you were just thinking to yourself "I am having a really great Tuesday afternoon, but I could do with hearing more about Ke$ha and her vagina" then we may have good news for you, because this is a story about Ke$ha and her vagina!!! 

That's right, Ke$ha has been flapping her awful gob again, but you might have forgotten that her job isn't Professional Bullshitter, but singer, musician, artist. And she's only talking about her vagina because she wrote a song about it. The song is called Gold Trans Am, and it's on her album. We don't know what her album is called and we can't be bothered to find out. But anyway, look:

"It began as a song about my car, which is a gold Trans Am, and it works about 40 per cent of the time.

"I don't have another car because I love that one so much.

“But then like all great pop it became a metaphor for something else - my pussy.

“But my vagina is in tip top working order. Valeted and souped-up and working 100 per cent of the time.”

Thanks, Kesha!

Oh, and she wrote it with her mum. Because writing songs about your genitalia with your mother is totally super cool, and something P-Diddy might do if he woke up in the morning feeling a little bit more like Ke$ha, you know?

“We write songs about boys and sex together.

“That may not be normal to the average psychiatrist out there but I think it's pretty cool ... Don't analyse.

“That's the problem with so much culture out there.

“People are so trapped into trying to do the right thing.

“As long as you are not hurting anyone I think you should feel free to indulge your fantasies.”

We agree wholeheartedly. But then, our fantasies aren't about writing vagina songs with our parents, so, you know...


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