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Katy Perry's Cowboy Birthday Party

Katy Perry's such a fun-loving zany pop tart she's always dressed up as something or another - our favourite costume was the Perry from Kevin and Perry one, but last week she was a cowgirl. A slutty cowgirl in pink leather. Oh, Katy, you crazy wacky goof-ball.

Obviously this is all just sour grapes because we secretly wish we'd been there (only for the sticky ribs and mini burgers, mind you), but we're really not sure how Russell Brand tolerated even a few minutes of the party sober. We've not read the 12 steps - perhaps one is 'tolerate hipster revellers even when they're zanily planking on a bucking bronco whilst wearing chaps'...

As we say, the catering looked great, plus Robyn and a Dolly Parton impersonator were there. Bet they were Russell's guests. The rest we're putting down as Katy's, especially that Jonny Makeup dudePeaches Geldof used to chum about with. It does sort of look like a hen party descended upon Hackney's Cat and Mutton, doesn't it?

Happy belated birthday, Katy! Now go slide in some cake or whatever it is you like doing as a treat in your spare time.

If you love (to hate) looking at these kind of photographs, please let us direct you towards, which is where we pinched 'em from in the first place.


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