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Katy Perry Used Robert Pattinson To Get Back With John Mayer?

Robert Pattinson has reportedly been leaning on Katy Perry following his break up with Kristen Stewart, but is Pattinson looking for more from Perry?

“For a minute there, it looked as though Robert Pattinson might be making a love connection with Katy Perry,”In Touch Weekly wrote. “They’re friends, but Rob thought it could turn into something more.”

Reportedly Pattinson was surprised when Perry started seeing Mayer again.

“[He was] blindsided when he found out that Katy was getting back together with her ex John Mayer," a source told the magazine. “Rob feels like Katy used him to get John’s attention. She knew John wouldn’t want to see her with someone else.”

In addition to Pattinson's heartbreak over his split with Stewart, he is reportedly upset Perry got back with Mayer.

“Rob’s heartbroken," the source continued. "He can’t believe she’s back with John.”

Gossip Cop is reporting the story is false.


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