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Katy Perry Stops Following Russell Brand on Twitter

Katy Perry has unfollowed estranged husband Russell Brand on Twitter but so far he is still following her. 

I am sincerely hoping that those rumors of him writing a tell-all where he is spilling all of Katy's secrets is not true. Is this why she's stopped following him? So much for being friends after the break up right? Like that ever really works (especially in La La Land). If he is writing a tell-all I will stop loving him. Oh, I'll still read that book, but I will think he's a douche for doing it.

Us Weekly is reporting that Russell is acting 'so atrocious' Katy is limiting all contact with him. As much as it's none of our business I can't help but wonder what really happened?

*Thanks to Laoura for letting me know!


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