Katy Perry and Russell Brand Go on Diet Together


Katy Perry and Russell Brand are married and are putting themselves on a diet.

The two - who I think are pretty thin to begin with - are going to get fit and feel healthier by cutting out all wheat and dairy until the end of this year. According to a friend of the couple:

"Katy and Russell are taking care of themselves, and are on a mission to get fit. As well as cutting out wheat and dairy, they're on a diet of raw vegetables, tofu and pulses.

Some of their health tips came from their recent stay in India, where they got married. The source explained to the Daily Star newspaper:

"They're both drinking loads of pineapple juice and are obsessed with Indian green tea, which is full of anti-toxins and great for weight loss."

Ooo, I hope they don't get too skinny!


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