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Katy Perry Quits Her Lollipops

Did you have enough sugar and saccharine from Katy Perry's last album Teenage Dream? Thankfully she is ready to part ways with living in candy land and add some salt to the diet. Bitches it's about to get real now:

"I feel I have a lot to say on the next record. I have a lot to flush out of the system.

"I'm not saying that I'm not going to be the candy queen any more, but I think it's time for more meat and potatoes."

"With (last album) Teenage Dream, I created this cotton candy cloud with a kind of a wink and a kiss, and it was all cute and fun and playful.

"Now it's as if I have had to step off this cloud and face reality.

"It's like I'm falling from cloud nine and crashing from the sky, crashing from the sweetness of that moment."

While I loved the colors of the whole candy vibe thing, it got old quick with me because it's kind of juvenile. There's only so much of that you can take. To see a grown woman with candy on her breasts does nothing for me (it wouldn't either if it were on a penis, I swear to you). 

Of course having her heart crushed by ex-husband Russell Brand has been the reality check to put it all into perspective. She's been promoting her 3D movie: Part of Me in which she is seemingly placing the demise of the marriage in his hands completely claiming she did all she could:

"Every 10 days or so I would put everybody (on the tour) on pause for three or four days so I could go back and re-charge and see to my relationship and give that time, which was very intense for me because the show was still on the road," Katy said.

"But I made that sacrifice because it was important for me and I had made a commitment at that time. Sometimes I had to fly in on the day of the show, completely jet-lagged and feeling like I had been hung by my ankles, and have to go on stage. But it's like I pushed a button when I walked out (on stage)."

Is it just me, or now that she's speaking about her split, she's painting herself to be the victim entirely even putting the ex down ("I still love London boys except for one') when he has only ever said very nice things about her? 

If you watch her Wide Awake video (below, which I freaking love) you walk away thinking he didn't take the marriage as seriously as her or as he should have (Prince Charming with his fingers crossed before she decks him). Maybe I  don't want to believe it because I lust him so much, but Russell doesn't strike me as someone who would take it so frivolously. Is it a case of he just realized it was a mistake and they had nothing in common, and she can't accept it? What do you think?


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