Singer Katy Perry Peddles Zit Cream - Still Has Pimples

If you've been watching TV without skipping the ads (and whyever would you do that?) lately, you've probably seen pop singer Katy Perry shilling for the Proactiv skin care line. Like all the other Proactiv spokesmodels, who've included Jessica Simpson and Avril Lavigne, Perry claims Proactiv is the only product that's ever worked to clear up her pimple-prone skin.

So why, then, was she trying her hardest to hide a breakout when she stepped out to go to the gym the other day? Unluckily for her, photographers from the gossip site X17 snapped unflattering photos of her face, even though she wore aviator sunglasses and a baseball hat pulled low. Then the New York Daily News wrote about her skin troubles. (And then here I am, writing about them too.) It's tough being a celebrity with acne.

The people at Proactiv might be upset when they hear where Perry stopped off after her workout: the Ole Henriksen skin-care store. Maybe she's not locked into a contract where she has to use Proactiv products exclusively: since they seem to have stopped working, that would be a good thing. 

Still, Perry has a hot fiance - Russell Brand - and a smash hit single - "California Gurls." A few pimples won't take that away from her.


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