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Katy Perry and Russell Brand Not Marrying in India

Katy Perry’s marriage to Russell Brand is a hot topic, with more and more controversial details surfacing as the date draws closer.

Earlier, it was reported Katy and Russell were set to get married in India later this year. Rihanna, Katy’s bridesmaid, spilled the beans in April. The week-long wedding was supposed to take place in the country where Brand proposed to Perry on New Year’s Eve 2010.

About that time, Russell also said he didn’t rule out the possibility of getting married in Tokyo, Japan.

As of now, Katy says the two are open to all kinds of crazy wedding ideas, and even think getting married in Las Vegas could be a lot of fun. However, they’re absolutely positive there’ll be no India wedding.

I heard a rumor that someone dropped where we were getting married on a little radio program… I haven’t told her where we are getting married. She thinks we were getting married in India,” Katy told Ryan Seacrest yesterday morning.


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