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Katy Perry Invests Money in Popchips

Since when did celebrities start investing money in crisp companies? Is that a thing now? Apparently Katy Perry has become a minority investor in 'Popchips' - an American brand of crisps that are popular because they don't make you as fat as other crisps. The solution to the United States' obesity problems in one tiny packet. And as well as investing her money she's also invested her time, face and hands to pose for some pictures of her holding the crisps. She must really like snacks.

This story isn't doing us any good. First we started to get relentless crisp cravings, and now we're just regretting not investing in Monster Munch all those years ago.

As confused as we are and as much as we want to laugh at Katy Perry for selling herself out like this, she seems to have the right idea, as she's just the next in a long line of A-listers, like Ashton Kutcher and Heidi Klum, to endorse Popchips. And while doing our investigative research for this article (we're real journalists, don't you know) we found out that the company made $75 million last year.

Seventy five million dollars for selling crisps. We've clearly taken the wrong career path.

The Katy P posters show her posing with the crisps in place of her tits, which isn't quite as controversial as the promo video Ashton Kutcher made for them where he dressed up as a Bollywood producer called Raj, wore brown make-up on his face and put on an Indian accent. 


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