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Katy Perry Performs at Old High School, Heckles Ex-Classmate

Above photo: Katy Perry at Dos Pueblos High School

Katy Perry performed at her old high school Tuesday, Dos Pueblos High School near Santa Barbara, and once she spotted an ex-classmate she decided she had a little unfinished business with him.

Katy publicly embarrassed Shane Lopes, telling the crowd that he was so popular that he never wanted anything to do with her when they went to school together. Bitter much?

Katy voiced to the entire crowd: “Is that Shane Lopes? Holy schizer…you were the most popular kid in my class. But you never wanted to date me . . . Oh yeah, you really chose well . . . what’s up now, playa?! I dedicate this next one to Shane Lopes everyone, it’s called, ‘You’re So Gay.’”

See the video of Katy Perry embarrassing her ex-classmate HERE.

[Right Photo: Shane Lopes and fiancée]

Shane Lopes spoke with TMZ after the incident and said that he ”couldn’t believe it” when Katy pointed him out to the crowd. He claims she ”exaggerated” about everything and that the two never had any problems.

The funny thing is that Shane Lopes is engaged to be married – to his high school sweetheart. And she is hotter than you, Katy. Sorry to break it to you. Shane adds that he is ”happy with how things turned out.”


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