Video: Katy Perry Sounds Terrible on "X-Factor"

So crazy-sexy-cool pop princess Katy Perry exploded onto the X Factor results show stage across the pond in London, England, last night (October 17, 2010) in a body-hugging catsuit and belted out her next single due for release next week - Fireworks.

Now, anyone who has ever dropped by Celebrity Hot Sauce knows that I F**KING LOVE KATY PERRY, so I don't mean to be mean here - but she really wasn't in good voice. She sounded pretty rough, to be honest, and took a bit of a beating from fans. She admitted she was terribly nervous before the show, twittering the following afterwards:

"Oh my gawd, I was so nervous! Thanks X Factor for making me feel like I was actually one of the contestants."

All that said, at least she performed LIVE, unlike so many other pop tarts would have, and she sure as hell looked great! So, here's the video of the performance - just enjoy the eye candy and don't be too harsh on the vocals - mkay?


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