Is Katy Perry Desperate to Keep John Mayer?

For some strange reason (perhaps his raspy vocals or heartfelt lyrics?), Katy Perry can't quit John Mayer. She's been drunk-texting him nonstop ever since she was dumped. Boy, if I had a nickel for every horny Katy Perry-lookalike that drunk-texted me . . .

From the New York Daily News:

A source close to the recently divorced pop star says Perry isn't over her breakup with the crooner, and has been "texting John late at night asking him to take her back."

The insider says, "She's been really depressed and needs attention," adding that, "she really liked him and thought it was going to be something serious."

Perry was first linked to Mayer in June. "She has been calling and drunk-texting him even after her friends have told her not to," says the source, adding that Perry's been hanging around other men "to make him jealous."


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