Katy Perry Considered for Freddie Mercury Bio Movie

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Did Katy Perry become a serious actress when we weren’t looking? She is reportedly being considered to play Queen legend, Freddie Mercury‘s girlfriend in a new film.

The role in question is that of Mary Austin and if Perry has the acting chops for it, she will star alongside Sacha Baron Cohen who is set to play Freddie.

Cohen is already said to be working with Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor on the film, though he is due to go in front of the cameras next year. The Mirror quotes a friend of

Perry’s who says she would be thrilled to play Mary as she’s such a huge fan. She has a similar look to to Mary as well and would be a great foil for Cohen.

Freddie Mercury famously dated Mary in the 1970s for six years until he admitted he was bisexual and they separated. Later, Freddie insisted that despite his male partners, Austin was his “common-law” wife and before his death, he said that his males lovers always asked why they could never replace Mary, and he always answered that replacing her was impossible.
Perry has called Mercury her musical idol and dressed up as him for her birthday party in 2008.


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