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Katy Perry Celebrates 28th Birthday with John Mayer

Okay, so it might be mostly due to the canapes that were on offer (we're really very hungry right now), but we're pretty jealous of everyone who was at Katy Perry's 28th birthday party. That's you, Ellie Goulding, Skrillex, John Mayer, Kristen Stewart. We hope you enjoyed that buffet table, damn you.

As well as hunger, we're also feeling sadness because these pics remind us of Katy's birthday last year when her and Russell Branddressed up as a cowboy and cowgirl - although in hindsight, her ex didn't look too happy in costume whilst sober and surrounded by several wacky hipster-types. New boyfriend John Mayer is getting into the spirit of things much more so in his Woody Harrelson as a zombie-hunter costume. Then again, he does fancy dress just for a trip to the shops

While Kristen Stewart doesn't appear in any of the above pictures, you will comes across Skrillex dressed as Corey Feldman (possibly), a lady so flexible she can squeeze into a small fish tank, Katy spread-eagled on the floor, a large furry beaver (nothing to do with the aforementioned spread-eagled pose), an amazing cat in a cauldron cake, king prawn vol au vents, mini tuna steaks, chocolate brownies, a large python, an obligatory sexy cat and loads of actually pretty great outfits (it's Hollywood - of course they can do costumes).

If you love (to hate) looking at these kind of pics, please let us direct you towards, which is where we pinched 'em from in the first place. 

Happy birthday, Katy - yay for escaping the curse of 27!


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