Katy Perry Buys Russell Brand Trip To Space For Birthday


Katy Perry has bought her fiance Russell Brand a trip to outer space for his 35th birthday.

E! News! reports that Perry shelved out $200,000 on a ticket to Richard Branson’s Virgin Galatic space venture.

Brand will be flown over 365,000 feet into the atmosphere at a speed three times faster than the speed of sound. Talk about giving your man a new high!

“It is true,” Virgin Galactic rep Louella Faria told E! News. “We are very excited to have him onboard.

“There will be 17-inch diameter windows to look out of. Passengers will be able to view Earth 800 miles in any direction from space.”

Brand will be put on a three-day training course before he blasts off. After he completes his mission, the Virgin rep says, “They will pop champagne, give you astronaut wings and give you a party.”

The spacecraft is still undergoing testing, and Brand will have to wait until 2012 before it makes its scheduled maiden voyage from the Mojave Desert in New Mexico.

Perry has yet to buy herself a ticket.


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