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Katie Holmes Happier Now Than She has Been in Years

Who knew escaping from a cult could ever be so liberating? Welcome back to normal life,  Katie Holmes.

From the Chicago Sun Times:

Those close to Katie Holmes are saying the actress seems happier than she has in years.

"You get the sense that Katie has exited some kind of weird psychological 'exile,' " said a longtime associate of Tom Cruise's ex-wife. Holmes reportedly has re-connected with many friends who she "basically had not seen in ages," added the source.

While Holmes is not "even thinking about dating," said the source, "and is only focusing on [daughter] Suri, her acting career and business interests," she also is said to be enjoying making a whole new group of acquaintances. Those include folks in the fashion world she's come to know thanks to her Holmes & Yang clothing line and a number of major players in New York's publishing and theater circles.


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