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Katie Holmes Gets Custody of Daughter Suri

It seems that Katie Holmes has fought hard for her daughter, Suri, and emerged successful in her bid for primary custody of her daughter.

The details of the divorce are being kept confidential, but multiple sources have confirmed to Us Weekly that the actress who filed for sole custody of Suri at first, will receiveprimary legal custody of her 6-year-old daughter with Tom Cruise.

One source complimented Holmes on the way she went about securing primary custody. Tom Cruise will be allowed to see Suri, but there will be guidelines for the visits.

The source went on to reveal that Cruise is going to find it difficult to adjust to life with a limited opportunities to see Suri. There is no doubt that Cruise loves his kids, Suri, Isabella and Connor (the latter pair with Nicole Kidman).

A second source confirms those details, but emphasizes that primary custody comes with many conditions that Holmes had to agree to, including the biggie, confidentiality. However, Holmes doesn’t really care as she has what she wanted – her freedom with Suri.


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