Katie Holmes Fires Everyone Tom Cruise Hired to Run Her Life

As soon as Katie Holmes filed for divorce from Tom Cruise, she continued to cleanse her life of all things related to Tom.

Mission Impossible?

TMZ reports that after Katie filed for divorce and moved into her own apartment, she dropped the bodyguard and driver that Tom had assigned to her.

Not only that, Katie also quit the publicist Tom introduced to her and re-hired the PR firm she had prior to their marriage.

Make no mistake, she’s done.

I’m thinking that Katie wishes the last seven years never happened. Except for Suri, of course.

In requesting full custody of her daughter and a “suitable amount” of child support, Katie’s divorce from Tom Cruise is likely to bring in a nice chunk of change for the 33-year old actress.

Hope you signed a prenup, Tom.

Katie is currently shooting an episode of Project Runway All-Stars in NYC.

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