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Kathy Griffin vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck on "The View": Kathy Wins

It’s no secret that I think Kathy Griffin is a genius and that Elisabeth Hasselbeck is an idiot.

So guess whose side I’m on in the little Kathy vs. Elisabeth tussle that erupted on The View yesterday?

Well, it wasn’t much of a tussle, since Elisabeth pretty much fizzled out after saying to Kathy: “You’ve said things about people here that are (a) untrue and (b) not so funny, so do you ever feel weird coming here and sitting here promoting things?”

Miss Griffin just lit up and said: “Actually, this moment is what I live for. So bring it. This is how I write my act.”

Elisabeth had nothin. Nada. Zip.

Which pretty much sums up what she’s brought to the show in the last I don’t know how many years. As usual, she does not know what she’s talking about.

Here’s how Kathy described her to Windy City Times a few years ago: “Elizabeth Hasselbeck has snowed American audiences into not knowing that she is a f***ing Survivor reject. I am sorry — I am going to listen to the political beliefs of someone who wore wacky scarves on Survivor?”

Here’s the clip:

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