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Kathy Griffin Wrong to Rip Bristol Palin

I don’t like to get involved in these cat fights, especially when the smell of politics is in the air.  It’s just not my thing. What I do enjoy is some good comedy. Truly funny jokes. Those get me going. Kathy Griffin is known to have some pretty good lines and a quirky side to her humor. I usually enjoy he stuff.

This would not be one of those times.

I would like to set aside the fact that Bristol Palin has been in the middle of a huge controversy since the day she set foot on the Dancing With The Stars floor. I want to look at the facts. Bristol is a public figure, like it or not. She’s got young girls looking at her in a good or bad light, depending on what their parents are slamming into their impressionable minds.  

There is a harsh world out there, filled with bullying that has led to so many suicides and heartbreak.  The last thing this world needs is Kathy Griffin on a stage that’s supposed to be about our troops and their sacrifices, making horrid remarks about ANY young girl’s body.

Kathy Griffin used the stage at the VH1′s Divas Salute the Troops show to rip apart Bristol.

The 50-year-old mocked her saying she ”is the only contestant in the history of the show to actually gain weight. Come on, come on. She gained like 30 pounds a week. I swear to God, it was fantastic.She’s like the white Precious.”

Wow. Those are powerful words. Hate filled ones at that. Perhaps if she needed good material, she should have taken a look in the mirror at her flappy backside. Seriously. Gross.

Kathy Griffin sent out a message to the young girls of our world that being skinny is the only way. That you’re fat if you are not a size 2 body type. Good job there Kathy.

Bristol responded with,

“The audience’s reaction to this ‘comedian’ spoke volumes, and the decent people I know would probably have booed her, too,” Palin, 20, told Fox News. “I hope people didn’t have to pay money to hear her negativity and criticisms.”

Kathy, you can be an ass all you like, but leave the youth of our fragile world out of it. Pick on someone “your own size.” Related posts:

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