War of Words Between Kathy Griffin & Sarah Palin Heats Up


The public clash between conservative political superstar Sarah Palin and self-described “D-List” comedian Kathy Griffin gained momentum in recent days, with each taking verbal jabs at the other.

After Palin, a former Alaska governor and one-time Republican vice presidential candidate, called Griffin a “bully” over the weekend, the comedian’s publicist made a dig at Palin by highlighting her starring role on last year’s TV show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska,” rather than her political resume.

“As a fellow reality star, Kathy would like to extend free tickets to her upcoming Broadway show to reality star Sarah Palin and her reality TV crew,” the publicist told ABC News in an article posted online on Monday.

“Kathy supports all reality stars regardless of what they say about her,” the spokeswoman said.

Griffin’s reality show airs on cable TV network Bravo and is called “Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List,” a joke about her life on the fringes of fame.

Griffin’s publicist did not return calls about Palin.

The feud between the two women goes back months.

Aside from joking about Palin, Griffin has also made fun of the 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate’s daughter Bristol, 20, for gaining weight on TV show “Dancing with the Stars,” and she slammed Palin’s other daughter Willow, 16, for anti-gay slurs the teen made on the website Facebook.

The feud picked up again this past Saturday when Palin, a politician-turned-pundit, appeared on Fox News and, in response to an anchor’s question, blasted Griffin.

“She’s a 50 year-old, adult bully, really, is what she is, kind of a has been comedienne, and she can (make jokes about) me, I would just ask for respect to my children,” Palin said.

Palin has broadly hinted she could run for president in 2012. Her feud with Griffin gives no sign of letting up, because the comedian is slated to appear on the hit Fox musical comedy show “Glee,” as a Palin-like Tea Party character.


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