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Kate Winslet Wants to Play a Man

Kate Winslet has been recognized with awards for the high-quality performances, while playing different characters. Now she’s revealed that she wants to play a man!

Parade magazine reports that Winlset is yearning to play a man, with her explaining,

“I don’t know what kind of man. I don’t know if that will ever happen or not but I would be really interested. That would be the ultimate challenge.”

Winslet won a Golden Globe award for her portrayal of the title character in HBO television series

“Mildred Pierce. “She said that one of her favorite parts about playing the character was her ability to explore one of her passions—cooking!”

She claimed,

“I do love to cook so I got to do everything SO the making of the pies [in the film] to the icing of the cakes, that was all me. It was wonderful and so much fun.”

Do you think Kate could play a man??


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