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Kate Winslet Blows off Snooki

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You wouldn't think it by looking at her, but Snooki's idol in life is Kate Winslet (i.e. the anti-Snooki). In fact, she likes her so much that she had her people contact Kate's people . . . yada yada yada . . . cue Kate Winslet's awesomeness. From the National Enquirer:

"Snooki idolizes Kate -- Titanic is her favorite movie of all time," revealed a friend. "When Snookie lost 30 pounds earlier this year, she said Kate was her inspiration, since Kate herself lost weight but kept a curvy figure."

The 23-year-old reality show star has marketed her image and done very well for herself with paid promotional appearances, but sources confide that her real dream is to become an actress. "Snooki would love to buddy up with Kate to get help with the process," said her friend.

The pint-size spitfire even had her agents contact the 36-year-old star's management in an effort to arrange a meeting but the request fell on deaf ears. "Kate was told, but she just stared blankly and said, 'What's a Snooki?'" a source told the Enquirer. (Print Edition)


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