Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell go Topless for 'Interview' Magazine

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If you saw Kate Moss's recent topless magazine shoot with Rihanna and thought 'I like that but I wish it was Naomi Campbell instead of Rihanna', you're in luck (oh yes you are, Naomi). Here's Kate Moss in a topless magazine shoot with Naomi Campbell.

We're not sure who Kate Moss will be appearing topless with in a magazine shoot next week, but we're sure she takes requests...

Despite its name, Interview magazine seems quite keen on pictorial content. We don't know if an actual 'interview' sits alongside the images because it's the Russian version of the publication, but we hope there is one because those are so much rarer than boob shots of either of Naomi or Kate.

Also, do you think there's anything remotely sexy about the thought of these two together on a shoot with their boobs out? Exactly. Also, one wrong move and Naomi's nipple could have her assistant's eye out.


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