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Kate Middleton’s Unborn Baby Details

The world was already watchingKate Middleton once she married Prince William and became the Duchess of Cambridge, now that Middleton is pregnant, her every move is being watched. Any small detail about the baby is reported as big news.

Is it a boy or a girl? When Kate thanked a fan and ‘allegedly’ said, “my d-” that set off rumors the baby was a girl.

Cravings: Sugar, lots of sugar and biscuits

Is Kate Working Out?  While her husband has been spotted skiing and Kate joined him she did not ski.  She has been seen walking and has been reportedly doing Yoga, as well.

Kate is said to have named her baby bump and has picked out names for the future heir to the throne.

Also in this week’s US Magazine are the details of Jenna Dewan’s baby shower, Miley and Liam torn apart by jealousy and how Wynonna Judd watched her husband almost die.


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