No Stylists, Assistants for Kate Middleton on California Trip


In case you haven’t heard, the Royal couple, Kate Middleton and Prince William – also known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, are making their way to the U.S.!

They’re currently on their honeymoon in the Seychelles, but as far as their trip to California is concerned, they’re keeping things low maintenance.

Reportedly, the newly crowned Duchess will not be taking a lady-in-waiting with her on her trip Stateside. We already know that she did her own makeup for her wedding and now she says she won’t be taking a stylist with her on her trip across the pond.

A source said, “Kate is very low maintenance. She said she doesn’t want a lady-in-waiting. She did her own wedding day makeup and is confident doing her makeup for the cameras.” The source also revealed “that may change but she’ll see how she copes on this tour.”

William also feels that he’s totally capable of handling his own personal care. The source said, “He likes to dress himself and keep things as simple as possible.”

While Kate won’t be taking a stylist, she will have help choosing her outfits before she leaves.

Do you like them more knowing that they’re low-key, just like us? I certainly don’t have anyone helping me get dressed everyday. Do you?


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