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Kate Middleton and her Baby Bump (Video)

It was bound to happen.  Kate Middleton is pregnant and pregnant women get a baby bump – even the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton.

Since Kate Middleton’s every move is photographed we are going to see every maternity outfit, every centimeter of her belly growth and anything else that has to do with her pregnancy.  Even her pregnancy cravings.  Thankfully, we can focus on something positive for the Duchess versus her naked photoscandal from the summer.

Middleton was seen out and about, looking adorable in a black and white plaid patterned poncho with leggings. The baby bump is barely noticeable, but apparently just enough for the media to get hysterical and have the bump trending everywhere.

Wouldn’t it be great if Kate decorated her baby bump like Mariah Carey did when she was pregnant?  That seems to be all the rage these days.  Or maybe we can have Kate pose topless with her baby bump for all to see.   One can only dream – as neither will ever happen. Any suggestions as to what Kate can put on her baby bump? A photo of the royal family?

We have a video of the Duchess and the baby bump.

Tell us – is the media overreacting to the baby bump??


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