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Kate Gosselin's Son Crawls Under Minivan

Kate Gosselin's reality show 'Kate Plus 8" is over, but she is getting slammed by a child safety group for her parenting skills, or lack of.

Last Thursday, when Gosselin picked up her kids after school, her seven-year-old son Collin decided to climb under his mother's minivan, while Kate sat in the car.

In a photo of the incident (left), he can be seen lying on his belly underneath the the car, with his head directly behind its front right wheel.

While her son crawled out from beneath the vehicle unharmed, Janette Fennell, president of, has spoken out against Gosselin on "She should have gotten out of the car to supervise them, especially when you have that many children. She is blessed she didn't run him over."

With her new job as a coupon blogger, it looks like Gosselin may be having some trouble wrangling in her eight.


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