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Kate Gosselin a "Nightmare" at "DWTS" Finale

Seconds before Kate Gosselin was to hit the floor live on the 'Dancing With The Stars' finale, the octomom was once again causing trouble backstage at the ballroom.

"We had all just about forgotten what a nightmare Kate was," an insider tells me. "She is the only celebrity in the entire 10 seasons who has demanded a security guard be with her at all times, and nothing anyone does is good enough. Last night, she actually wanted the temperature of the ballroom changed before she hit the floor. Kate hates to sweat and this was just another opportunity for her to be difficult."

However, it wasn't just the producers that Kate tortured. Sources tells me the hair and makeup staff dread her interfering, and the costume designers and dressers flip a coin to see who is going to have to deal with her. But the person who really deserves a prize is her partner, Tony, who is telling people that the notoriously difficult Barbra Streisand would be easier to work with than Kate.


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