Kate Gosselin Tries to Round Up Her 8 Kids for Family Photo Shoot

Kate Gosselin decided to have some Halloween fun with her eight kids, posing for pictures on a pumpkin patch and she took to Twitter to talk about the experience:

"Hi guys! Oh oh oh what a day! Just stopped moving on full force THIS minute- been up since 7 am! I'd love2chat but another busy 1 tom!"

"And cannot wait2 show u our fall family pictures! I think they are going2b amazing!"

"8 gorgeous kids who were happy & smiley - can't go wrong!"

Here are some of the chaotic moments, pictured below, in which she tries to get her kids in line for her fall family pictures.

Image placeholder title
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Kate also told fans that she would love to go on a world tour with her famous family:

"'There are many many, many places I’d love to visit."

"The main ones that come to mind though are: South Africa, Holland, any tropical heavenly island on earth, London and Paris."

"I’ve never been to Europe and I need to see the world before I die."


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