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Kate Gosselin Spends $2K On Her Hair, Sends Kids to Supercuts

Kate Gosselin jetted off to New York City to get a haircut. And she didn’t go to just any old salon – Kate went where all the celebrities go – the Ted Gibson salon.

A haircut there costs upwards of $175, but Gosselin had hers done with the man himself for a whopping $950. And that was just the cut. She also had a keratin treatment and color done as well.

When you add in the cost of limo travel to NYC (for her and bodyguard Steve Nelid), paying for a hotel, meals, taxi fares, tips for drivers and not to mention tips for everyone at the salon, Kate could be out over $5000 on this little extravaganza. Gosselin offsets the price of her own haircuts by sending her kids to the local Supercuts in PA. She can get all 8 kids in and out for under $100!

Nothing like a mother with her priorities straight. I bet Kate orders the filet mignon, while ordering her kids the hot dogs.

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