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Kate Gosselin Goes Camping with Sarah Palin, has Miserable Time

I thought I would limit myself to just one episode of the Sarah Palin show, but after seeing that Kate Gosselin will be on this week, I have to watch.

Apparently she has the worst time of her entire life when Sarah and family take her and the kids camping out in the Alaska wilderness. What is absolutely fantastic about this is that in the old days, she would have yelled at Jon and blamed him for everything, and would have been high and mighty and said that no civilized person would ever go camping and blah blah blah.

She can't do that this time. For one, she is a guest and she wanted to go, and she is getting paid, and apparently she just can't find it in herself to yell at Sarah. So, she just complains to the camera guys. The entire time!

I think all you need to know to make you want to watch this episode is that it is pouring rain, cold, and everyone is having a great time except for Kate.


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