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Kate Gosselin Sued For Stiffing Marriage Counselor

Kate Gosselin is being sued! Apparently the reality star neglected to pay some $10,476 to Creative Energy Options. The company, based in White Haven, PA, allegedly provided marriage counseling to Gosselin back in 2009, but the famous mother of eight never paid up.

According to documents obtained by, the suit was filed in Freeland District Court in Pennsylvania before Judge George Feissner on March 28. The more than $10,000 claim is reportedly Gosselin’s unpaid balance for the services rendered by Dr. Sylvia Lafair between Feburary 4, 2009 and March 23 of the same year.

According to the filing, the client (Gosselin) requested Lafair “fly to Los Angeles California to perform marriage counseling then refused to pay for travel fees.”

Now, obviously we know whatever counseling Kate and her famous-for-being-famous former spouse Jon Gosselin received didn’t work. The couple’s ten year marriage ended in divorce in December of 2009.

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