Is Kate Gosselin a Dangerous Driver?

Is Kate Gosselin endangering her children with her erratic driving -- including a recent speeding ticket for driving 88 mph? Are we talking about the right Kate Gosselin here? She's always seemed like such an angel. A source told the National Enquirer:

    "Kate's hell on wheels. She's had FOUR different traffic violations in the past two years. Lead-foot Kate has become even more of a speed demon since she started driving a $50,000 Audi sports car. More times than not, she talks herself out of the ticket with an excuse, But the most upsetting part of her erratic driving is that she goes over the speed limit when the kids are in the car. It's got friends and family scared to death.

    "[Jon Gosselin] fears for his kids when they ride with Kate and has lectured her about speeding. But she considers it just part of being a hurried mother of eight and doesn't see it as putting lives at risk." (Print Edition - 10/17)

Is reckless driving really the most dangerous thing Kate's exposing her kids to? You'd think her voice would be at the top of that list. Oh, and if you're wondering how Kate is able to talk her way out of a ticket, it's really quite simple -- all she does is open her mouth. For most guys, listening to Kate speak is like watching an episode of 'Cougar Town': unbearable.


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