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With Court Blessing, Kate Gosselin & Her 8 Prep for Next TV Show

Recently deposed "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Kate Gosselin is getting ready for her next close up. The cameras are set to role on a TLC special called "Kate Plus 8," thanks to a recent legal decision that will allow the "8" to appear on camera.

The Pennsylvania Department of Labor dismissed a child labor claim that TLC mistreated the eight children. The network was criticized, however, for not obtaining work permits for the tots. In its decision, the Department said:

"The activity being filmed was spontaneous. However, children introduced episodes of the television show and transitions. DVDs and other merchandise were sold involving the children's appearance. Lighting was placed in the home for the show and there was product placement in some episodes."

While TLC and the Gosselins were cleared of any wrongdoing, there was some pretty disturbing testimony during the process. For example, Kate's brother testified that producers faked Christmas so a Christmas show could come out right around the holiday. He also said the children had no privacy, including during potty training.

The decision allows the children only to appear in the "Kate Plus 8" specials, not on yet another of Kate's TV ventures, "Twist of Kate."

Estranged husband Jon, meanwhile, is nowhere to be found on TV. For now.


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