Kat Von D Dumps Jesse James for Ex Nikki Sixx

Jesse James is back on the market. Watch out, all tatted-up females. Kat Von D has finished using Jesse James and has dumped his butt back into the pool of STDs.

Kat wanted the exposure to help promote her book and TV show, and she knew being with Jesse could give her extra publicity, but apparently that has run its course.

“Kat used Jesse to win Nikki [Sixx] back, and it worked,” a pal of Kat’s tells the Scene Queens. “She also was using Jesse for the press.”

So Kat is with Nikki, and as for Jesse… well, we will just have to to see where his slime trail leads him next. After what Jesse did to Sandra Bullock, it’s going to take him a while to get through all the bad karma he’s earned.  His “love life” is deservedly cursed.


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