"Dr. Who" Star Karen Gillan Drunk, Naked in Hotel Hallway Post-Party


Karen Gillan was found naked and "whimpering" by hotel guests at The Ace Hotel in Manhattan last week whilst her and Dr. Who crew had a massive party after doing some promo. No this isn't the opening paragraph of some kind of Roy Orbison clingfilm fan fiction mentalness - this actually happened.

Hear that sound? That's the sound of a billion nerdy Sonic Screwdrivers exploding into a billion socks.

Karen was over in NYC with Matt Smith and the crew to do some promotional stuff for the show, but after that finished they got stuck into a party which lasted till 7am, at which time hotel security wrapped Karen up in two towels after she was found naked and whimpering in a hotel corridor :(

The Mail quotes some dude who is a permanent resident there as saying:

‘I went to the peephole and looked out. I saw a man at the lift who was looking back at someone who was attempting to open my door… the next thing I saw was a woman giving this person at my door two towels before getting into the lift and leaving.

‘Then I saw this young woman, completely naked, trying to wrap two towels around her and not having much luck. 

‘She then started to whimper and knock on my door. Seeing that she wasn’t getting anywhere, she lay down with the towels covering her.’

Strangely enough neither the BBC or Karen Gillan's spokesperson would comment.


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