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The Kardashians Pick Out Their Graves

The reality TV family went shopping yesterday for some prime real estate… in a graveyard! Kim and the rest of the gang were shopping around the famous Hollywood Forever Cemetery, picking out where they wanted to be buried.

A source close to the family reveals that Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Rob, Bruce and Mama Kris are in the market for a family plot.

Anyways, the family has yet to pick out an exact location, but they did have their eye on a giant mausoleum.

Wow a Kardashian mausoleum, that is just creep on a whole other level.

Here’s the thing I just don’t get about family plots, how do you decided who gets in and who doesn’t?

Do Lamar, Scott and Kanye get a spot? What about Kylie and Kendall?

This all just very odd.

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