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Kara DioGuardi Still Not Officially Told She's Off "American Idol"?

I'm thinking that Ellen got out of "American Idol" at just the right time. She spent a year with Simon, picked up a few bucks and some new fans, and then just slid quietly out the side door. She does not need the job or the publicity, so was free to leave.

They just seem so messed up over there right now, and completely out of whack. Kara DioGuardi's father was on Capital Tonight in New York, and said that his daughter found out she was fired from reading it in the news. Her father, who is a Senate candidate, added, "Would you believe she did not hear -- and still has not heard -- anything?"

Did I think Kara was the best judge ever? No. But, at the same time, I don't think it was entirely her fault either. There were four judges instead of 3, and chemistry issues, and Simon wanting to leave and replacing Paula. If she had been an original, I think she would have done fine. No matter what I think though, you just cannot treat a human being that way. No one has called her or told her she is fired? What is up with that? If you are one of these new judges, would you want to work for a company like that? It would be hilarious if they had to come back to Kara and say they really need her, and then she could tell them to f**k off or ask for Simon money.


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