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Kanye West Won't Be In The Delivery Room With Kim Kardashian For Their Daughter's Birth (Report)

Kanye West reportedly doesn't want to be in the room with Kim Kardashian when she delivers their daughter.

“He won’t be in the delivery room,” a source claimed to In Touch magazine. “He’s very squeamish and doesn’t want to be around blood. This is Kim’s worst nightmare.”

The magazine also claims that West, who's album comes out June 18, is too busy and his schedule may get in the way of the birth.

"She's afraid Kanye will miss the birth entirely because he’s so preoccupied with promoting his upcoming album," a source said.

“She can no longer travel, so she’ll be left alone in L.A. during the final days of her pregnancy while Kanye is in NYC for a concert and his 36th birthday [on June 8.]," a source close to Kardashian told the magazine.

However, Gossip Cop is reporting that the story is completely false and that a source told them, "he wouldn't miss it."


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