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Photographer Sues Kanye West Over Alleged 2008 Assault

Kanye West may be in a spot of bother.

The rapper has reportedly been hit with a lawsuit for allegedly assaulting a photographer.

Back in 2008 the rapper hosted a party at Gustavino’s restaurant in New York, and photographer Michael Vazquez had been invited to attend the event in a professional capacity.

Shutterbug Vazquez has filed court papers in New York alleging the rapper and his security team “assaulted” and “threatened” him during the shindig to mark the 25th anniversary of the Casio G Shock. He also claims he was manhandled by up to 10 unidentified security guards.

“The actions by defendants Kanye West’s agents, servants and/or employees was committed with malice,” the suit claims, according to the NY Daily News.

West was filmed at the event, surrounded by 4 topless women whilst he perched himself on a throne. For gracing the shoot with his presence, he purportedly received a cool $1 million smackeroos. You can buy a lot of G Shocks with that amount.

Vazquez is demanding unspecified damages, and claims he suffered “physical, mental and emotional illness” after the alleged incident.

No official word from West’s rep, and Vazquez’ lawyer has not responded to requests for comment either.

But correct me if I am wrong, or have I been watching the wrong TV shows? Isn’t there something called a Statute of Limitations? This supposedly happened back in 2008, and we are now into 2011. That is quite a few years for someone to realise they have allegedly been battered!


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