Kanye West Sells Confederate Flag Merchandise On Yeezus Tour


Fashion-obsessed rapper Kanye West has taken his offensive antics to a whole new level during his “Yeezus” tour, selling t-shirts displaying the confederate flag.

The historically racist symbol, re-imagined by artist Wes Lang, is represented in a number of designs for the tour. One shirt features a skeleton draped in a confederate flag with a scythe in his hand. Another features the flag and a skull, and reads “I Ain’t Comin’ Down.” Some tote bags are sold with the confederate flag alone.

An alternative shirt featured a skeleton wearing an Indian headdress with the caption "God Wants You".

West has yet to explain the reasoning behind the imagery, though it may be a reference to his most recent songs like “New Slaves” and “Blood on the Leaves”.

Thousands of Twitter users have weighed in on the meaning of the image, some condemning West for using such a hateful symbol, and others hoping West’s use will reappropriate the negative meaning.

Some have concerns that through an artistic lens the shirts may not be offensive, but in day-to-day commercial use and without context the shirts could stir controversy.

The Seattle performance also featured an impressive mountain stage prop and a Jesus impersonator.

Sources: Daily Caller, The Huffington Post


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