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Kanye West: I Twitter Because Media Misinterprets Me

Kanye West turned to to connect with his fans after tiring of reporters misinterpreting his jokes in print and online interviews.

The Stronger rapper began tweeting last month and he is rapidly building up his army of followers, with almost 600,000 devotees reading his every update within two weeks of joining the social networking site.

And West admits he logged on to post his own comments because he was sick of having his words twisted in the press.

In an interview with New York radio DJ Angie Martinez, he says, “I got to the point where I didn’t even wanna do interviews anymore because I would have the interview and we’d be laughing, me and the reporter, and that’s funny, and then you read it and they completely just demolished all of my jokes, they just set ‘em up wrong.

“I couldn’t communicate and now I can communicate just in a sound bite and give people a glimpse of everything, it’s good.”

Personally, I love Kanye West’s tweets – he is funny and entertaining on Twitter!

You can follow Kanye West on Twitter here:


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