Kanye West To Go On Tour After Kim Kardashian Gives Birth (Report)

Kim Kardashian is set to give birth in  July and reportedly Kanye West is going on tour shortly after. West will be releasing his new album on June 18 and will be hitting the road to promote it.

“[He is] launching a worldwide tour later this fall, early next year," a source told RadarOnline.com. "Kim is giving birth in July, and the baby will only be a few months old when Kanye goes out on the road."

Kardashian is reportedly not happy about the upcoming tour.

“Needless to say, Kim is very unhappy that Kanye won’t be around as much because of his work," the source continued. "Even if she flew on a private jet with the baby to see Kanye, it would be impossible for mother and baby to be on the road with him. Kim wants to breast feed for at least the first six months. The baby needs to be on a schedule, and that is hard when crossing time lines.”

She also is upset because Keeping Up With the Kardashians is set to begin filming again this winter and she will be required to be in Los Angeles to film.

“Kim just feels like she can’t win," the source said. "She feels that both of their work schedules are going to prevent them from spending quality time together after the baby is born."


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