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Kanye West Attended Kim Kardashian's Baby Shower, Didn't Look Happy (Report)

Kanye West did show up to him and Kim Kardashian's baby shower, but according to reports he didn't look happy to be there.

"Kanye arrived as many of the guests were leaving,” a source told “You could tell Kim was wondering where he was. The singer didn’t look happy to be there [and] dodged cameras that were shooting for Kim’s reality show."

Reportedly, West barely spoke to anyone at the shower.

“Whereas Kim was extremely gracious to all of her guests, and made it a point to spend time talking to them, Kanye looked like he had been sucking on lemons," the source continued. "Several of Kim’s friends felt sorry for her because Kanye just couldn’t put a genuine smile on his face.”

However, Gossip Cop reports that the story is not true.

Kardashian celebrated her baby shower on Sunday, June 2 with her family and West's.

“Kris gave a beautiful champagne toast, where she welcomed Kanye’s family and talked about Kim’s new chapter in her life, as she choked back tears,” a source told

"Kanye's whole family – all the women from his mom's side and dad's side – attended the shower," a source told People Magazine. "Kanye was so excited to have his family be there to join in the celebration with Kim's friends and family."

"Kim and Kanye were so cute – he rubbed her belly," Kardashian's aunt Karen Houghton told People Magazine. "They're just really blessed. It's such a happy day."

On Sunday's premiere of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the expectant parents also revealed that they're having a girl.

“I’m so excited we’re having a girl," Kardashian said on the show. "Who doesn’t want a girl? They are the best and I know that’s really what Kanye has always wanted. He wanted a little girl.”


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