Kanye West Accused of Anti-Semitism


Kanye West was accused of anti-Semitism Monday after he suggested that President Barack Obama doesn’t have the same connections or wealth as Jewish people.

During a radio interview with New York station Power 105, West commented on Obama and oil money.

"People want to say Obama can’t make these moves or he’s not executing,” West said. “Black people don’t have the same level of connections as Jewish people.”

He added that black people also don’t have the same connections as oil people, and that rapping was created to form a community for black people to keep up.

The Anti-Defamation League called West out on his comment, submitting a statement about him to the group’s website. They have also called for an apology from West.

“There it goes again, the age-old canard that Jews are all-powerful and control the levers of power in government,” the statement read. “As a celebrity with a wide following, Kanye West should know better.”

West has been creating controversy since the beginning of his Yeezus tour, which he is still performing. He has received criticism for comparing himself to Jesus on the album, and selling t-shirts with the confederate flag on them.

Sources: MTV, Pitchfork


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