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Kansas Man Hruska Brings Ouija Board To Town Meeting, Claims To Channel Politician's Father

There are some strange people doing strange things in the world.

Today’s daily dose of weird comes from Salina, Kansas, where an Ouija board made an appearance at a City Commissioner meeting.

Last week, Salina resident Ray Hruska and Commissioner Aaron Householter got into an argument. At one point, Hruska told Householter that he would call his father in order to get the politician under control. Householter told Hruska that his father was dead.

But death is no match for a man and an Ouija board.

Hruska walked into this week’s meeting, Ouija board in hand, and told Householter he would contact his father. After using the board, Hruska said the commissioners’ father said “Be quiet, Aaron,” a disappointingly uncreative response for how much effort Hruska put into the whole idea.

Hruska then said he contacted Householter’s grandfather as well.

“Your granddaddy said ‘be quiet’ too.”

Like father like son.

Eventually, Householter had enough of the Ouija board antics and moved the meeting forward. Fortunately for us, Salina records their town meetings. So here is the audio from Hruska’s Ouija board session in all of its greatness:

Source: Salina Post


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