Justin Timberlake Would Love to be "SNL" Regular


Justin Timberlake says he would love nothing more than to become a regular on Saturday Night Live (SNL). After making several appearances on the long running weekend late night show, Justin Timberlake has become close friends with SNL cast member Andy Samberg.

Although Timberlake’s schedule is an incredibly busy one, he says he would be willing to put his career on hold to become a permanent cast member for a year at least.

He told USA Weekend, I could totally see living here (in New York) for a season and doing SNL.”

Justin has always been great on SNL and I think he and Andy Samberg have great chemistry together. Every skit they have done together has been hysterical! As a fan of SNL, I say go for it, JT!

See Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg’s "D**k in a Box" SNL skit here.


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